Made from virgin coconut oil

In Tahitian monoi oil means "scented oil". Monoi oil is obtained by macerating fresh Tiare flowers in coconut oil. Tiare flowers "Gardenia Tahitensis" have a bewitching fragrance, they grow only in French Polynesia.

Copra oil or virgin coconut oil ?

While most industrial monoi oils are prepared with refined copra oil, the traditional monoi oil is made with virgin coconut oil. This is the sweet-scented and captivating monoi oil that you find on the markets of French Polynesia.

Copra is the white pulp of the coconut, which when dried in the sun for several weeks, will make the oil through pressure. As copra is dried in the open air, and exposed to insects and molds, the extracted crude oil is refined with high temperatures and added products.

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is obtained differently. The process can only be handwork. It is obtained from the freshly grated coconut almond, and from the coconut milk pressed by hand. The preparation lies under the sun for several days to several weeks before it produces the precious oil. No less than 40 coconuts are needed to produce one liter of traditional monoi oil. Virgin coconut oil is more expensive to produce. But it is the basis of traditional monoi oil, which is distinguished by its refined and very characteristic coconut scent.

Our traditional recipe with cold pressed virgin coconut oil

Our monoi oil is prepared in French Polynesia in Society Islands, in the traditional way according to the ancestral Polynesian recipe.

Like any traditional monoi oil its preparation takes a long time and can only be made by hand. This is why it is rare and the price is often higher than for an industrial monoi oil. In Tahiti the traditional monoi oil is called "monoi oil of mamas". You generally find it in the markets of French Polynesia.

Our monoi oil is made from fresh coconut milk of the variety Cocos Nucifera. Depending on the desired perfume, we add every day fresh flowers of Tiare Tahiti, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine. All is mixed and exposed to the sun.

The result is an exotic oil with refined frangrances !


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