Skin moisturizer


Le Monoï : soin hydratant du corps 

The pure monoi oil is ideal for all types of skin, but it is particularly effective on dry skin. This silky and translucent oil is valued for hydrating the skin. Ideal on dry skin, it also leaves a pleasant scent.

Hydrating the skin

Monoi oil hydrates the upper layers of the epidermis in a progressive and sustainable way, and softens the skin.

For a better use apply immediately after the bath or shower, when your skin is still damp. Spread a few drops of monoi oil in the palm of your hand, rub and apply from head to foot. Monoi oil is a powerful pure moisturizer. A few drops are enough for yor entire body. Perform a gentle massage until the monoi oil is completely absorbed, your skin becomes soft as silk. You will also feel the soothing and relaxing effect of Monoi oil.


This precious oil is often used as a massage oil in the Spa of French Polynesia. Monoi oil relaxes and soothes your body. A recommended step for your next stay in French Polynesia !

In the bath

A few drops in the bath will soften your skin and reduce the drying effects of chlorine and limestone. They will take you to the middle of the Pacific. A moment of relaxation that leaves your skin soft and delicately scented.


Our monoi oil is a completely organic product. Since ancient times the pure Monoi oil has been used by Polynesians to nourish their baby's skin. It is especially used after bathing to moisturize baby's skin, particularly where small folds become red. It nourishes baby's skin, softens and leaves a delicate and warm fragrance.

Protect yourself from the cold

By depositing a protective film on your skin monoi oil protects you against the cold, against sea salt, and against biting wind, like a second skin !


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"Huummm ! The fragrance is divine"

Vaea, Bordeaux

"I can't decide which one is my favorite..."

Pam, MelbourneMonoï Artisanal 100% Naturel