LE MONOI, genuine traditional monoi oil !


Ia orana

You want a tan satin and sustainable ?
You envy the soft hair of Tahitian women ?
You want to escape with the scent of the flowers from Tahiti ?

Let yourselfbe tempted by LE MONOI, a high quality traditional monoi oil, prepared in Tahiti according to the ancestral Polynesian recipe, recognized for its delicate scent.


                                                          Why choose LE MONOI ?                                                       

Simply because its production is entirely based on all natural ingredients. No added fragrance, alcohol or preservatives. And to get his so popular scent, where some trade monoïs use artificial fragrances, we use hundreds of fresh flowers per liter.

This is our manufacturing secret and the secret of our quality ! So go ahead, let yourself be carried by the scent of tiare, vanilla, ylang ylang to the turquoise lagoons of Tahiti !

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.
100% of the production is artisanal. Our traditional monoi oil is prepared by hand in Tahiti from virgin coconut oil.


                                                           What are the benefits ?                                                         

Genuine care and natural protector, LE MONOI is a moisturizing and nourishing oil for your body and your hair. It smoothes and softens the skin perfectly. It makes your tan even more intense and bright. Powerful hair restructurer, it gives strength and shine to dry and damaged hair.


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"Huummm ! The fragrance is divine"

Vaea, Bordeaux

"I can't decide which one is my favorite..."

Pam, MelbourneMonoï Artisanal 100% Naturel